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(1/28/03 10:54:17 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Llama .45 slide fracture question
Hi! First time poster, long time reader....great forum(s)!

I'll get straight to it....I came across a pretty old Llama .45 1911 clone at a local Pawn Shop for $180. It's in pretty rough cosmetic shape, but for the most part is in fine working condition (I've ordered a few replacement parts to take care of those that were bad-- such as the plastic plunger assembly). Anyways, upon closer inspection I discovered a tiny hairline fracture on the slide right near the ejector port. I put up a quick website with some pics and I'd like anyone who has a sec to take a look and see what they think about the crack. If it were your gun, would you feel comfortable shooting it? Is it in a "hazardous" area? Should I not fire it until I can find a replacement (that's another post...if anyone has a replacement slide you wanna sale or know where to find one please e-mail me). Obviously, I don't plan on putting any +P or other highpower rounds in this weapon as it is rather old...1970's i think. Ok, so here's the link:

If you need any additional pics to better analyze the crack, please let me know. Thanks a million folks!

Derek in Haughton, LA

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(1/29/03 5:47:05 am)
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Re: Llama .45 slide fracture question
Good old stress fracture. I've seen several of the older .45 and .38 Super Llama's develop this problem.

Here is a link to Gun Parts Corp listing for a slide:

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(1/29/03 8:49:21 am)
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Hi Picasso......and welcome to TFF.

My advice.....don't shoot it, even with light loads.

I hate to say it, but I've always felt that Spanish guns are somewhat suspect in the metallurgy department. If your new slide is also made by Llama, I'd stay away from +P loads.

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(1/29/03 1:35:05 pm)
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Thanks for the prompt and courteous response guys. I somewhat suspected I would be safer and better off not shooting until I replaced that slide but just wanted to hear expert opinions. I checked the link for a replacement slide and will probably end up going that route. Any other reputable parts dealers you guys can recommend? Take care.

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