Crazy Camel Jockyes!!!

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    Reply Crazy Camel jockeys!!!
    I can't belive these people! When they do get to gether, they still don't make a lick of sence!

    A person wears a bomb, and walks into a totally NON-MILITARY area to kill inocent people, IS NOT A TERRORIST?!?! This "vote" is an act of stupitity! These are spokesmen of countries, and they can't see what they are doing!

    Saudi Arabia is telling us that if we attack Iraq it will be uncalled for, and unite the Arab countries against us?!!! While they bump up the price of crude!

    WHO are these people!!! 11 years ago they begged us to "save" them, and liberate Kuwait! At the same time "Don't let your soldiers bring thier Bibles"!?

    Is it just ME!?!?!? 11 years ago Iraq was the strongest military in the middel east. They were NOTHING!!! They were surrendering to news crews!! Norman could have swept through the whole country in 2 weeks, and the whole middel east in 2 months, if he'd been given the word!!!

    These are stupid, greedy, backward, people!! And they think they are smart! And we have to listen to them!?!

    We even linked the head terrorist with Iraq's Military Inteligence, they don't belive it. Some of them even say that the CIA carried out the 9/11 attack!?!?

    If--- OH---IF I could ! Send word to all of them! "you want to sell oil? or watch your country turn into a slave camp!" We could take it all, and stabalize the whole middel east, THEN we'd have control of the oil, and thier greedy @$$es!!!

    They want to talk Holy War?!? The US can give them something that they'll never forget!!!
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    But that would not go along with the sensitivity training that our soldiers have recieved

    Most of these countries that we have supported all these years with MINE AND YOUR TAX DOLLARS are hardly out of the trees or caves or whatever.

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    Ya, they don’t want peace! I heard an interview with one of the clan leaders in Afghanistan and they don’t want free elections (democracy), they believe that the strongest should lead. That’s what they respect. They believe that if they are spouse to be the leader Allah should determine it! They don’t want freedom of religion! They don’t respect life or even the lives of their own children! THEY DON’T THINK LIKE WE DO NOR DO THEY WANT WHAT WE WANT! We have tried to entice them with our freedom and wealth and it only pisses them off! In their minds we are evil, and the only concession we could make that would stop them is to NUKE OURSELVES! They want the west gone, period!

    Two years ago Israel left Lebanon for peace concessions, now they are facing 8,000 missiles that are being shot into their country! Over what! They got the land that they wanted! No, what they really want is Israel not to exist!

    Now Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are paying for suicide bombers, aren’t they are friends? NO!!! Until recently I believed that some of the Middle Eastern countries were ok and that this was not a Muslim / Christian/ Jew thing, but I was wrong! How long before we have suicide bombers running into our grammar schools and grocery stores on a daily bases. I bet the initial reaction would be to call Marshall law and take our guns!

    There is only one way to settle this once and for all, COMPLETELY ILLIMATE THE THREAT! They want to fight to the last one, OK let’s eliminate every last one of them! After the bombing is done we can sop up the oil with a sponge for all I care.

    I wish Bush would stay mad and be a little more like Teddy Roosevelt! He needs to carry a big stick and beat some Oil Monkeys!

    I hope this doesn’t offend some of the legitimate piece loving Arab Americans but if you are offended it’s time you figure out what side your on!

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    beat some oil monkeys hee hee

    I am with ya Rich.

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    let them try eating their oil...