Created in God's Image? To be like Christ? To Live in the Spirit?

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    I know we have a could range of "christian" based belief represented on this forum. I have really enjoyed reading all the posts in this section! So, I thought a thread about what these statements mean to us as individual believers would be interesting to share.

    My goal is for each of us to learn more about one another. So, hopefully we can grow stronger in the "tie" that binds us together in LOVE.

    I really want everyone's opinion & thoughts on these three questions. Please, if you would give us some insight of the "basis" of your opinions. For example;
    • Share & reference scripture.
    • Share & reference any books.
    • Share & reference any people that have helped & encouraged your belief system.

    Thanks for your time. Let us exalt the Lord!-

    1. What does it mean (to you) to know you have been "created in the image of God?"
    2. What is "your" primary image of God? (Judgmental? Righteous? Holy? Angry? Loving? Kind? Generous? etc?)
    3. What does the phrase, "To be like Christ" mean to you? How has it changed your life?
    4. Finally, What does "Living in/by the SPIRIT" mean to you personally? How do you "represent" & "model" a "Life in the Spirit" to the world.

    First I do believe we were "created" in the image of God. I believe God is primarily "SPIRIT" in his nature.
    Therefore I believe we are also "primarily" spiritual creatures. We are just "temporarily" stuck in this sinful & mortal body.

    I believe to be like Christ is to live in humility & submission to God. It is also reaching out in Love to ALL you come in contact with.

    Lest not forget the Spirit. Jesus went away to send us a "Comforter". One that would endue us with "POWER" & lead us into all TRUTH!!
    I don't know about you. But, I just want to jump up & praise the Lord when I read scripture like this!

    To know that Almighty GOD, the ONE true God of the Universe loved me enough to "create" me in his very own image is the most AWESOME thing I can think of.

    To know that this same God desires me to be conformed more & more into the image of his SON and has made provision so this can happen just BLOWS me away!

    Then to understand, that not only did God create me & provide THE WAY back to HIM despite my sinfulness, but "KNOW" that he has given us the knowledge of how to live a life worthy of HIS high calling AND provide us with the POWER to succeed in our calling & guide us into living our life in HIS will is just ASTOUNDING to me!

    What say you?
    What does the knowledge that you have been created in the image of God to be "like" Christ and live a life in the "SPIRIT" mean to you?

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