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I received a Crescent Fire Arms Co
Norwich Conn Manufacturers
Single Barrel
I was told its a 16 guage
as a hand me down.

1642 is stamped:
Behind the trigger
on the trigger
on the wood of the fore-grip
on the metal of the fore-grip

I did not disassemble the gun yet. I understand this gun cant fire modern "hot" loads. Looks like the tip of the barrel is on the thin side. The breach lock is worn and a little sloppy. There is a little hole near the tip like it had a sight ball.

Here are some pictures: Arms

I am NOT looking for a sale value. Its a family hand-me-down, so with respect, dont ask to buy it.

My questions:
What is the age of the gun?
Is it a 16 guage?
Is 1642 the production #?
Recommended Load that is safe to fire through it?
Any other info on the Manufacture and year of the gun?

Thanks in advance!

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Crescent was a maker of utilitarian shotguns, rifles and revolvers. They were in business from 1893 to 1930, and made hundreds of tons of guns like the one you have. In spite of its age, the gun is not rare and (I know you are NOT asking) of only nominal value.

I don't know if it is a 16 gauge; the gauge should be marked on it. If not, try putting a dime in the muzzle; if it fits, the gun is 12 gauge; if it doesn't the bore is smaller, 16 or 20 gauge (the higher the gauge number, the smaller the bore.)

The number is a batch or assembly number; serial numbers were not required on shotguns until 1968 and there are no records of Crescent production.

Since Crescent was in business for a long period, the gun barrel could be made of modern steel or of so-called "Damascus", a method of barrel making involving wrapping strips of iron and steel around a rod and welding them together, a much weaker construction. It is also chambered for either 2 1/2" or 2 9/16" shells, not the 2 3/4" shells in common use today.

I would have the gun checked out by an experienced gunsmith before firing it with any ammunition.


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Jim K,
Thanks for the info!

Due to the sloppy breach lock and the thinner tip of the barrel... I NEVER plan to shoot it.

I was looking for the info to add to our genealogy details.

Thanks again!
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