Crock Pot Squirrel.

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    A lot of the problems facing us today can be traced back to when we stopped providing our own food. I can't state the problem any simpler. This has been demonstrated in numerous documentaries - over population helps to kill civilizations, super heros, damns, and good health care.

    Enough said, try planting a few seeds, and see if you can eat from your own labor. This would eliminate Chinese toxins shipped to us daily. But, what about our own stupidity? Processed foods may be the enemy, because our government (to which we pay stupendous taxes) can do nothing about it.

    But, that's not the only enemy. I am going to stop here, because our real enemies are too numerous, and we voted them into power. And our biggest enemy IS anyone that does not fight our biggest enemy.
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    May 9, 2007
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    funny stuff. an electric chair for your right tho. missouri has plenty of the little buggers. its time for a little squirrel-nic cleansing.


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    Oct 9, 2006
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    That reminds me of a strange story......:eek:

    8 or 10 years ago I was fishing on Table Rock Lake with an old friend that lives there.

    Ole Ma Nature musta decided the squirrel population need a little thinnin.....

    Damn things were trying to swim across the lake for some unknown reason.

    Tree rats aren't built to be swimmers,

    after a few hundred yards the poor little buggars would tire out and just slip below the surface....:(

    My friend has lived on that lake for 25 years and he had never seen anything like that .....nor since.

    Wierd deal.....
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    Dec 23, 2006
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    Here in Missouri you have to watch out for those Special Op Squirrels.

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    two years ago I went squirrel hunting with my Father-in-law, who had just bagged 10 the week before and I never even saw one. On the way home I had to stop twice because the squirrels were playing in the street....Doh!!!!
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