Cryo Treatment Using Dry Ice?

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    Saw a posting on how to use dry ice and acetone to perform cryo treatment. Could someone please give me that address? Can't find it to save my life.

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    Re: Cryro Treatment

    try these

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    Dry ice won't get you even remotely close to the temperatures that cryo treatments are done at, which is knocking on the door to absolute zero, not to mention the temperature sweep that is done. Here's one site's description of what they do, doesn't sound like a tub of dry ice and acetone will do the trick.

    The Cryo-Accurizing process is completely computer profile controlled to within 1/10th of 1 degree Fahrenheit throughout the complete cycle. The barrel is taken down to -300 degrees F., held at that temperature for a pre-determined time, then slowly brought up through the cycle to approximately +300 degrees F. The Deep Cryogenic Processor utilizes a dry process where no liquid comes in contact with the barrel. This painstaking method eliminates the chance of thermal shock and micro-cracking.

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    Charles is a great guy and will answer any and all ?