Cryogenic Barrel Treatment

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    Ogden, UT 84404
    801-395-CRYO 801-395-2796

    New Technology
    A deep cryogenic barrel stress relief process for Cryo-Accurizing.
    Enginered Tri-Lax process, a technological breakthrough
    combining sonic, electromagnetic and deep cryogenic tempering.

    Can anyone fill me in on this type of carrying on?
    Please help me out.
    For my Sporting Clays Shotgun, they say the process eliminates any pattern shift due to heat during competition.
    (Cryo-treated by Cryo-Accurizing)*

    Charlie D

    *Results from enhanced processing techniques providing greater benefits.

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    I would be astonished if you could see any difference in a shotgun of any sort from cryogenic treatment.

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    Good morning all,

    Hey you knew I would hit this one sooner or later.

    This is a legitimate process used for illegitamate B. S.

    The cryogenic process is thus:

    1. The part is heat treated.
    2. The part is removed from the hot furnace and quenched
    in oil.
    3. Immediately, the part is removed from the quench, (I
    forgot how many seconds later, is usually timed with a
    stopwatch). and placed in a cold bath. -110 degrees F.
    The bath is a slurry of acetone and dry ice.
    4. Then after so long a time in the cold bath, the part is
    tempered in another furnace at 400 to 1000 degrees.
    Depending on alloy and required properties.

    It refines the grain structure of the material prior to tempering.
    This treatment is used for parts that get lots of stress.
    Such as rotor parts on helicopters, precision highly stressed gears and the like.
    I'm with GRJ on the benefits to your shotgun.
    Sonic and electomagnetic tempering? Capital BS.

    A treatment that will give you exactly the same results
    can be accomplished by building a pyramid in the center of
    a pentagram and placing a single perfect hexagonal
    crystal in the apex of the pyramid. Place the gun barrel in
    the exact center of the pyramid. Then proceed to chant
    any mantra from any Eastern religion.
    This will neutralize any bad karma.

    There is no fee for the above formula, but the customary donation is $2.00.

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    Thanks barbon for clearing that up. I'll e-mail you my 3$ bill contribution.

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    Hey zigzag,

    Well, you knew I couldn't resist answering. I'm glad I found this place as I have no other life.

    Ultrasonic, electromagnetic, cryogenic tempering?

    It sure sounds like "New Age " magick to me.

    Prolly what they do is play a recording of a squalling baby and shine a light on it, then put it in the fridge next to the
    butter for a overnight stay.

    It is un-ethical to bad mouth another artists scam.

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    Re: The Complete Barrel Stress Relief Process?
    barbon --- Thank you very much!
    I know you wouldn't go "Snipe Hunting" with me either!
    Convictions confirmed -- I appreciate it.

    Charlie D aka Different name
    Glad you're posting with us at TFF!
    Join in any time you get a chance.
    Good people here!