CS Gas & Infertility?

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    May 6, 2004
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    The chemical I've been learning about is in a lot of things & even the public is at risk for harm. These are the signs of hemolytic anemia

    News reports today say that the 'shortness of breath' that our Vice President, Cheney, has is not pulmonary ... so, could it be hemoltyic anemia? Shortness of breath is one of the 8 signs of hemolytic anemia. I suspect this is the FATIGUE that doctors haven't been finding in CFIDS, etc

    Hmm.... WM Rehnquist? thyroid tumor can be part of 2-butoxyethanol harm

    Ashcroft? pancreatitis and gall bladder problems can be part of 2-butoxyethanol harm

    So is child leukemia


    So is infertility - especially for men. One vet asked me if infertility could be caused from the gas used in training.

    My reply to this vet:
    What kind of gas? What system of putting gas into a chamber was used?

    I don't know about that; however, 2-butoxyethanol is in lots of spary systems ... in jet fuel???

    It harms the testes & has been known to cause infertility



    Have you had any urinalysis that show even trace blood?


    Do you have FATIGUE? Do you remember when it hit?
    What were you doing then?



    His reply: "Can this gas cause infertility???
    The gas that was used is CS gas or
    orto-chlorobenzylidene- malononitrile

    Please let me know, thanks…"