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I, personally, don't see why anybody cares what cheaper than dogcrap wants for their stuff.

In 2008, when this happened the first time, and all guns and ammo went up 15% or so, CTD doubled and tripled their prices.

That kind of stuff should have made all gun-people swear off them for life.

2009, maybe 2010, when prices became sorta normal again, thye dropped back down to what others were charging, and PEOPLE BOUGHT FROM THEM AGAIN!?!?!?!?!?!?!

It makes absolutely no sense. I'll admit, I had quit buying from them a couple of years earlier because their customer service sucked. But even if I had been buying from them right along, I would have quit. I don't deal with people like that. Yes, it is their stuff, and they have the right to charge what they want for it. And I have the right to tell 'em to get stuffed, and truly don't understand why the whole "gun-community" didn't do just that.
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