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    Does anyone know if it is possible, and if so where to obtain European made 8x57JS ammo? Preferably German current manufactured stuff. There's plenty of mil surplus stuff around, but I can't hunt with FMJ ammo here. Has to be designed to mushroom on impact. Would like some 150-190 grain hunting cartridges that have a respectable muzzle velocity.

    The best cartridges I've found available is by Norma. Not quite up to JS standard but I might stand a chance of killing a deer at 250yds with it.

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    Re: Current 8x57JS
    8X57JS?? is that anything like 8mm Mauser Jacketed Soft Point???
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    try , they usually can be found there. swede
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    I bought a box of Remington Express Core-Lokt 8mm Mauser 170gr soft-point. Haven't shot any yet though. It cost me $17.99 a box from the local sportsman type store, but may be cheaper on the web.

    The picture shown above is a typical example of expansion on this type of bullet. I'll quote what the box says:

    Express Core-Lokt Ammunition loaded with legendary Core-Lokt bullets has dropped more big game than any other bullet:
    -deep penetration and controlled expansion up to 2x the original caliber diameter.
    -high weight retention won't break up or separate on impact for more effective stopping power.

    Their website shows muzzle velocity to be 2360 feet per second.
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    What I mean is: 8mm Mauser cartridges manufactured and sold legally in the US are designed to the pressures of pre-98 action models, which is the 8x57J(the 'J' stands for 'infantry'...German). In 1904 they switched to the 8x57JS(S for spitzer...aerodynamic pointed bullet) which had a higher chamber pressure taking advantage of the strong 98 actions and making a difference of around 7-800fps! Only in Europe can you get true 8x57JS rounds, unless you buy imported military surplus ammo, that I have and am sighted in for.

    What I will inevitably have to do is load my own, but the season is approaching quickly. I thought it would be faster and easier to buy a box of imported German 8x57JS hunting ammo, but maybe that's not legal or somthing.

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    I am thinking that may be one of the Fiocchi specialty loads. Google search "Fiocchi", and check their list of loadings. Then look in their dealer locator index for the closest distributor to you (if the loading is in the online catalog!)
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