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    Anybody have a suggestion for a custom barrel maker/gunsmith that might tackle a long time quest/project of mine?

    A new custom barrel chambered for 7.62x54R for a Steyr M95 Carbine....

    The round functions through the Mannlicher action just fine, and I have lots of available ammo....

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    Polish -

    Do you get, or can put your hands on, RIFLE or HANDLOADER magazines? There's quite a few custom barrel makers that advertize in them.

    I've got a pretty good one here in my area named David A. Van Horn - he is pretty busy, but may have the time to whittle one out for you. I have several of his custom barrels and think highly of them. If you run into a stump, or just want his address, give a holler over in Admin/Mod forum and I'll slip you my e-mail addy.
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