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  1. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah New Member

    Jan 14, 2009
    I just bought my first rifle it is a CVA Hunter Hawken I don't think it is that old but I am clueless I would just like to find out how old it is I don't plan to sell it It shoots very well and acuratly if I mis it is my fault. The barrel reads CONNECTICUT VALLEY ARMS, Inc. HUNTER - HAWKEN
    MADE IN SPAIN Black Powder Only Rifle .50 Cal.

    The # on the same side of the barrel is 899810

    and on the flip side there are some more markings three circles in a triangle with a little container with an X in it and then the #'s 00Kp/cm' M.2
  2. Popgunner

    Popgunner Active Member

    Dec 3, 2005
    Hi & welcome to the forum.
    I can't tell you when your rifle was made but I've had a CVA 50 cal Hawken for about ten years now & I've loved it. CVA is one of those companies that will treat you very well. I have another CVA 50 cal that's an inline Apollo that I've liked & I guess CVA wasn't sure of the barrel steel so they sent me a new one for free.

  3. AR1911

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    May 30, 2007
    CVA Hawken rifles were sold as kits and as completed rifles starting in the late 1970s. I built one from a kit back then. I later bought a completed CVA Hawken at a gun show that was completely different from my kit gun.
    So your Hawken is probably about 30 years old.
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