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    Just brought new baby home. CZ527 carbine. 7.62X39 4X32 Meopta scope. What group size might I expect at 100yrds with 50year old eyes. Like the interchangable ammo with my SKS and wife's SAR1.

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    All the CZ rifles, IMHO, are good shooters with GOOD ammo. All things being equal, you should expect 1.50" or less at 100 yards, 3-shot groups. Your biggest problem as I see it, is finding high quality factory ammo. Since the round is designed for "SPRAY & PRAY" semi and full autos, the main criteria is functioning thru the weapon, not accuracy. You have one of the best 'platforms' in bolt actions now you just need to find the best ammo for the rifle.

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    Dec 18, 2007
    i have still to find the best ammo for my CZ527american .223rem 1 in 12 twist....reloading time soon me thinks with some 40 -45 grain heads