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  1. kmad61

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    Oct 30, 2003
    Does anyone know about the CZ100 40 cal ?? They look pretty cool and the price is right.Something has to be wrong.
  2. Xracer

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    Feb 23, 2001
    Minn-eeee-sota, ya, sure, you bet!
    Hi Kmad61......welcome to TFF.

    This is a pretty new pistol, so all I know of it I read on the CZ website:

    However, CZ guns have a fine reputation, so I doubt if there's anything wrong with it.

    Keep checking back......perhaps one of our members has some hands-on experience with them.

  3. cz40va

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    Oct 7, 2003
    Buffalo Gap, Virginia
    I have one and it is a great little carry gun. Just a tad smaller than the Glock 23.
    It is DAO and the trigger pull is a little long. The trigger can be eased some by using a plastic tie to hold back the trigger (on empty gun of course) and leaving it for several days.
    The gun itself is very accurate and a pleasure to shoot. I carry mine in a Need for Speed holster made by High Noon.
    I love CZ firearms and have 6 Handguns and one rifle of that brand. One of the best buy firearms made. Try one and you will like it.
    CZ handguns all feel great in the hand.
    Also check out Great bunch of guys there and ready to answer all questions.
  4. jeffreylebowski

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    Apr 30, 2004
    Dallas Tx
    1st post. woohoo

    I have a cz100 9mm that i picked up at a gun show a few years ago, and it is a great gun. It is accurate, light, easy to operate, and disassemble, my only gripe with it is with the trigger pull, you almost have to Herculean in strength to pull it.(not quite but close). Well that and I can't find extra mags for it to save my life.
  5. Kevro869

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    Apr 25, 2004
    My dad has a 9 and a 45. All metal construction but not left-handed friendly.

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  6. LDBennett

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    Dec 20, 2003
    Hesperia, CA
    I have three CZ handguns and three CZ rifles. All are excellent guns. As CZ is made in a former Iron Curtain country that is trying to emerge into the free world, their labor cost are lower than here in the US. Consequently, you get the most rifle for the least amount of money but as time goes on their prices are rising to get closer to USA made products. They tend to be more utilitarian in appearance then any of my other guns which were mostly made ten to fifteen years ago. The fit is always excellent as is the machining. They do make more premium finished models in rifles and handguns but the price goes up, of course.

    All the CZ handguns have "Lawyer Safe" triggers. The springs are heavy and the sear angles are such that you must move the hammer back slightly with the trigger pull to get them to release. A Match style trigger only has to slide on the sear surfaces (sliding friction) to release and you don't have to suffer the hammer spring pressure, only its effect on the sliding friction. For the CZ75 you can get match trigger kits, or spring kits to make the trigger perfect. Or you can just get the spring kits that lowers the trigger pull poundage but suffers a little from creep. The end result with just the springs is very acceptable and is as good as is necessary for any defense gun. At least the creep is not gritty in feel. It should be noted that all new guns today have been made "Lawyer Proof" and that CZ is just following suit.

    The rifles are a completely different story on trigger pull. The full sized model and the short action models have set triggers! You push the trigger forward and the trigger sets so that a mere touch sets the gun off. Or you can choose to use the trigger unset in which case the pull, sear engagement and overtravel are fully adjustable (as is the set part) to get a nice safe hunting trigger (down to 2 1/2 lbs if you wish). I actually had to turn my set triggers up as they were too sensitive needing only to be touched. I set them up to where you merely start a squeeze and it goes off. The factory adjustment on one of them was 1/2 lb!

    CZ are absolutely, in my mind, the most firearm for the money today. There is no catch. It is the cheap labor costs and the fact that they have only made their appearance here (in Kansas) in the last five or six years. They are trying to get into the market place and what a better way than to give high value for your dollar.
  7. Rugster

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    May 1, 2004
    I am a huge CZ fan Rifle and Pistol,to give you an unbiased opinion I will tell you what Ive read.Every CZ 75B is carefully manufactured and completed.They are then hooked to a machine and dipped in an oil bath.The machine racks the slide a minimun of 1000 times on each gun to break it in and remove any burrs that may remain after assembly.I own several CZ's even one target Rifle and have had nothing but positive experiences.The CZ 75B 9MM is carried by more Military's as a side arm than any other brand.I would expect the same excellant results from the CZ 100 even if I dont find it as appealing as some of the other models.HTH