CZ70 Bouble action trouble

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    I have a CZ70 that doesen’t work in double action but functions fine in single action that has been sitting in my safe forever. I guess that is why it looked so good from the importer, the only use it got was when someone was trying to figure out why it wasn't working (it would also explain the nut on the hammer pivot being so worn) I was going to take it all apart (push out the pins and so-on) and see if I could make sense of it. It seems to work double-action when the slid is off, or the main spring (for the hammer) is removed. I'm guessing
    Something is slightly tweaked down in the frame. Has anyone had the same problem, and does anyone know how to fix it? I am also looking for a parts supplier and an exploded view of the gun.

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    Rich, why don't we move this to CR first, while CZ70s aren't CR, the CZ50s are, and they are essentially the same gun.

    If we don't get answers there, then we will move it again to ask the experts or somewhere else it will.

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