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    Hi, I am interested in purchasing a cheap small caliber semi auto pistol. what are your thoughts on the cz70 and the feg pa63 pistols. Do you have any other ideas ? I would like to keep the investment under 150.00

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    Don't know about the CZ but the PA-63 I got from Doc ($100) functions flawlessly just that 9X18 is hard to come by around here I think Bob ISL has one too

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    These are good guns for the money. You might want to think about a Makarov in 9x18 or .380 if ammo availibility is a concern. You can pick up some good information on Makarovs at See that this is your first post. Welcome aboard. swede
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    Welcome to the board. We just got in a shipment of 50 PA-63's at the gun shop. Sold 10 the 1st week. These pistols function flawlessly, ammo is cheap and packs a punch. The 9x18 is a good round in 95 gr. HP. Sort of a .380 on steroids.

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    Welcome aboard Tabberski!

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    Best buy, hands down, right now, is the Bulgarian can get them for about $120-$150 retail, with 2 mags, a bulky military holster that makes a good storage case, and other accessories...$99 each/2 if you have an FFL...and all it takes is a punch and a new barrel and it will function with .380 through the same action/magazines, but I don't know why anyone would...I seriously considered going to a FFL with a SGN, and paying the shipping and extra $10/gun and buying two... TWO great guns for less than $250 would be a BETTER deal...

    The 9x18 really can't be considered rare anymore, if anything, at gunshows recently, it's a heckuva lot more available than any .380, and is cheaper. Plus, WW announced last year they were going to start loading it commercially, but I haven't seen any yet, but at about $6.00/50 for surplus FMJ and JHPs, you can't beat it for economical practice, plus it's a better round than the .380...just a hair under the 9mm Para.

    Plus, the Makarov has to be the most reliable and most accurate pocket pistol there is on the market...because of that fixed barrel.

    I have yet to shoot one that will not put 8 rds rapid fire into about 2" at 10 yds consistently. Plus, they simply do NOT malfunction, and are pretty simple to strip and maintain.

    I just picked up a used Russian commercial Makarov with adjustable sights at a gunshow with all accessories for $'s even better than the East German I used to probably won't get that lucky, but the Bulgars are every bit as good, but with fixed sights...

    Personally, I would also use the Makarov than the PA63 ONLY because they were used ALOT by the Russians and Eastern-bloc militaries and Police forces since the 60s, so all the bugs are worked out, and parts are readily available...

    Of course, I'm prejudiced, BUT any design adopted by a military, (other than maybe the Italians and Japanese.. ) is usually subjected to more use and abuse than any commercial design, and if it lasted for any length of time in service, it is for a WORKS.

    If you are going to MAYBE trust your life to it, that is something to consider.
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    Ditto Polishshooter!

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    Re: cz70/pa63
    Welcome Aboard tabberski!
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    I have to agree that the Mak is the best buy right now. I have a couple of the East German ones that I got from AIM when they were $129, I see the same guns now selling for over $200! That's what I call a good investment.

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    The PA63 is a Walther style copy. I have had several in 380ACP, and still keep one as my most dependable close carry weapon (no such thing as concealed carry in Missouri!). The Makarovs I have had have also been great dependable shooters, and even though I havent had a CZ70, I do have a CZ50, which is a very similar predecessor to the CZ70. All of them are good dependable military designs, and unless you just happen to get a rare lemon, they are all great! Just see what you can get the best deal on.

    P.S. - the 32ACP ammo for the CZ70 would be the cheapest feed.
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    Mar 29, 2008
    I'm new to this forum and would like to know if anyone has had a chance to shot a CZ70. I just purchased a used one which hadn't been fired in years and the lube was all gummed up inside. I cleaned it up and relubed it and I was hoping the trigger pull might be a little easier after cleaning it up. I was going to give this to my daughter for a house gun, but I'm not sure if she can pull the trigger in DA. In SA it's not bad.
    Has anyone tried to lightened the trigger pull on one of these?