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(6/5/01 3:42:05 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All D-Day, 6 June 1944
Reading Stephen Ambrose's relatively new book "The Victors - Eisenhower and his Boys in WWII" and I'm into the D-Day section now.

Kind of fitting.

I don't care how many time's I read about it, Omaha Beach STILL sends chills down my spine.

Company A, 116/29th, 96% casualties.

But they did a valuable service. They left their Garands, carbines, Thompsons, BARs, grenades, flamethrowers, and explosives all over the beach when they died so when the survivors from the swamped or knocked out boats in the following waves hit with the tide rising and came in with nothing they had something to fight with...

God, could ANY of us do that today?

Spend some time tonight and tomorrow thinking about all those graves in Normandy and the surrounding countryside and give thanks...

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(6/6/01 12:02:35 am)
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Yup - time for a little inward perspective.

With the public and news media outlook on things Polish, I seriously doubt if the politicians and generals would dare mount an offensive on the scale of Overlord with the potential for such casualty rates. When the censored pictures of this and some of the Pacific landings were finally released to the public, there was national shock - even knowing the battles were costly. Unless another disaster on the scale of Pearl Harbor were to happen, I don't think you could drum up enough public support to back such undertakings.
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(6/6/01 5:26:34 pm)
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An offensive on the scale of Overlord would be impossible today, too many weapons of mass destruction and the ability to deliver them. Overlord was possible simply because the Luftwaffe had squandered their best pilots buring the blitz and the Russian campaigns left the Whermacht decimated and without adequate reserves.

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(6/7/01 9:04:46 pm)
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I dunno Fred, there was alot more to it than that...

There were 3-6 times the numbers of German troops on the "Atlantic Wall" than Allied assault troops in the armada, BUT they had to defend the WHOLE coast whereas we could concentrate...give some credit to our deception plans, as well as the infighting between Rommel, Von Runstedt, and Hitler, which caused the Germans to not REALLY have a coherent defensive plan.

Plus, the Germans DID have the reserves. They just couldn't get them to the front even IF Hitler would have released them early, because our strategic bombers did their best work prior to D-Day by successfully cutting off the beaches from ANY rail transport, plus dropped EVERY bridge even close. And our fighter bombers owned the daylight, they COULDN'T move. People forget German tanks were all undependable, and depended on rail movement over any distance, or breakdowns would kill them.

Along with the fact that except for the few Panzer and Pz.Grenadier divisions, the German army was TOTALLY horse drawn for the ENTIRE war. Their main divisions were essentially immobile.

And the Luftwaffe was not "decimated" in the was decimated by the Strategic Bombing campaign and the P-47s, the "new" P-51s just making it's appearance, and all those .50s on the 24s and 17s...all the units dominating the Russian Front had been fed one by one back into Germany to fight the bombers and were chewed up, one by one.

Overlord was possible because lowly courageous infantrymen with rifles, American, British, Canadian, with sprinklings of French, Polish, etc., MADE it happen. Never forget it.

Let the [email protected] Allied High Command LISTEN to the USMC and 27th Division experts on amphibious landings in the Pacific, the Navy gunfire experts who called for 24 hours bombardment (they used less than 3...) and send in the Marauders and Havocs in on Omaha, like they did on Utah, instead of trying to use 17s and 24s, and I GUARANTEE you they would have succeeded, against ANYTHING the Germans could have done...

In reality, it was only a "close" thing on Omaha, the rest were tough, but about like any other "tough" one to date in the war.

Omaha may just be "our finest hour."

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(6/7/01 9:13:43 pm)
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Did anybody catch the entire dedication of the DDay Monument on CSpan yesterday?

I was close to crying...

I learned quite a bit from the veterans reading other's accounts.

It was a nice touch having Canadiens reading accounts from Americans, Americans reading about Brits, and vice-versa.

The survivor from A/116/29th, the one where only 8 made it to the seawall out of 170, reading a tribute to a man from the Big Red One also in the first wave, but on the other end of the beach, was awesome.

And what the French Ambassador said was pretty moving too...Lots of applause over that. Compared Washington/Lafayette, Pershing/Clemenceau, Eisenhower/DeGaul, and ended with "God Bless America, Vive l'France!" He was good.

If you guys get a chance to see it again, watch it, it was well done.

Guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye, and make you DAMN proud to be an AMERICAN.
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