Dad Hired a Nanny

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    When I became an teenager my father confided that when I was an Infant, Mom was not producing enough milk. He said, "we had to get you a nanny", I said, "really", because I didn't remember. He said yes, when you were about two months old you were nursed by her. Then he continued, we made a pallet with blankets on the floor. The screen door had been torn off and we would leave the front door open. Every time you would cry the NANNY GOAT would come in and lay down next to you and you would suck her teets.
    Now, I'm hairy as a goat, very stubborn, and butt headed. I have a strong affinity for goats. I know it saved a lot of bottle washing too, but it just don't seem natural. Today this would probably be child abuse.

    True story? I don't know, it's what I was told by my father.
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