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(9/1/02 1:54:01 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Daewoo DP51 9mm
Saw one of these recently, haven't seen before. Any idea what it is worth? Asking $225. Looks to be excellent condition. Any idea as to performance or reputation? Thanks...

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(9/2/02 12:20:58 pm)
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Everything I have ever heard has been good. "Blue Book" has it at $350.. at 100%. Imported between 1991-1996 from Korea.

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(9/2/02 2:16:32 pm)
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Re: Good...
I used to sell many of these in my shop back then, they
are a fine pistol, they have what is called a "TRI-Action"
which provides 3-ways of firing these pistols, which if
I remember correctly are: Double Action, Single Action
and TRI-Action which is a method of cocking the hammer
then just pushing it forward finger OFF the trigger, just
push it forward after cocking with only your thumb, this
allows for a double action firing mode that is almost as fast and as light asif it was cocked in the single action mode.

I should have kept one for myself, if they had them in .45acp
I would have no doubt that I would have kept one put back.

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elcon, that is a great gun , well made, fine shooting, accurate. the best part is. it takes s/w 59 series mags! so you can stuff it with 17 rounders and the mags are 20 bucks or less. I have it in fullsize and compact.
the tri action is this. cock it, then manually push the hammer forward, done.
it is safe to carry this way. If you need to fire it fast, just pull it out and squeeze. the Hammer goes back to it's "memory" and goes to full cock, as you pull the trigger, without the lbs. of a double action trigger pull.
This gun is worth about 100 bucks or so more than the asking price.
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