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Do you know whether the LC has damascus or fluid steel barrels? If damascus, that might be a clue to what you're looking at. Took the image up 400x, and aside from what appear to be three overlappping circles, the uppermost one being on the right, there appears to be an area of fairly deep pitting - deep enough that they seem to cast their own internal shadows - just to the right of the uppermost circle. These pits seem to continue to a lesser and more scattered extent moving left across the uppermost circle (for lack of a better term). There are also several scattered light colored areas not contained in or adjacent to the three circles. That said, I've no idea what the discolored area represents, but if I had to take a wild guess I'd say it might be someone's attempt to fill in and burnish over some ugly (and in a damascus barrel, potentially dangerous) pits. As I said, it's just a guess.
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