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Discussion in 'Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers' started by Zigzag2, Feb 25, 2003.

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    Just bought a 1981 .44 Mag Dan Wesson Pistol pac.
    Gun is in superb condition. It's blue not stainless.
    Barrels appear to be in good shape too.
    Original carrying case
    (2) 8 inch, (2) 6 inch barrels
    2 barrels are ported the other 2 not
    8 inch shroud 6 inch shroud
    Original tools, belt buckle, shoulder patch
    I can't find anything on the net concerning Pistol pac prices. I'm very satisfied with the condition and shootability of this gun. I paid $580 and wonder if this is close to market value. Would appreciate comments from anyone knowledgable about older Dan Wesson Pistol Pacs. Thanks, Bill

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    Hi Bill, the sixteenth edition of Blue Book of gun values shows only 1 44 pistol pac, but not the 1 you discribe.

    the 22nd edition no longer shows all the Wesson configurations, and is noted to check their web page at...

    Good luck, and let us know what you find.

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    Bill, are all of these barrels & stuff in the same Pistol Pac? The only thing I can find in the 23rd Edition Blue Book:

    "MODEL 44 - 44 Mag. cal., double action, similar to Model 41, adj. sights. Disc. 1995

    90% = $250
    95% = 265
    98% = 305

    Add approx. $20 for heavy barrel shroud, approx. $15 for each additional barrel length."

    "Model 44 Pistol Pac - includes 6 and 8 in. VR barrel assemblies, extra grip, 4 additional front sight blades, and aluminum case. Disc. 1995

    90% = $330
    95% = 380
    98% = 430

    Add $53 for full shroud VR barrels."

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    Thanks ZIGZAG and Xracer.
    I have two full shroud VR barrels so using the 23rd edition of Blue book puts the package at around $500
    So I don't think I did too bad as these pacs with guns in excellent condition seem hard to find locally.
    Take care, Bill
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