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(6/21/02 9:31:18 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Darn Taurus PT111!
Hi everyone!

My Taurus PT111's trigger assembly recently broke on me, and was sent back to Taurus for warrantee repair. 5 weeks later I just got it back, and I am not pleased with the work that they did. The entire assembly was swapped out and replaced with a new and completely different one. The trigger pull feels about 2x what it originally was, and at least when dry firing it, there is a slight "pause" right before the fire.

The take down procedure is also slightly different now, and in order to remove the slide, you must dry fire it (like a Glock).

I'm going out to the range with it tomorrow, but right now, I am very upset. Had the trigger pull been this crappy I never would have purchased it up in the first place! The gun is only 6 months old, and the last thing I want to do is sell it, but ick, this thing feels like crap, not like the friend it had become!

I plan on calling Taurus on Monday to complain, but what are the odds that they will actually listen to my complaints, and actually do anything about it?

Anyone have any thoughts on this? (Please don't tell me that I messed up by buying a Taurus, I think I figured that one out already)

As always, thanks for your help.


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(6/22/02 6:01:25 am)
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Hiya' Evan, I'd venture to say that Taurus will stand behind their warranty. Try to be patient ... it'll be tough, but I'm sure they'll take care of you.

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(6/22/02 11:43:07 am)
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Re: Darn Taurus PT111!
Tell them you want another pistol new in box!
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