Date of manufacture for H. Pieper shotgun.

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  1. tcoz

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    Aug 10, 2009
    My father handed down to me an old shotgun manufactured by H. Pieper. It's a double barrel, side by side, break open, exposed hammer shotgun with an 11/16 dia. bore and 30" barrels. The OAL is 47". Laminated Steel is inscribed on the top between the barrels and Pieper Liege is on the buttstock. There are numerous stampings on the barrels under the hand guard. One number, I assume the serial number, appears on many componets of the weapon. The number is A504R12. I am attempting to find the date of manufacture for this shotgun. My father believes that it belonged to either his Great Grandfather or his Great-Great Grandfather. This would date it sometime in the late 19th. century. Any help would be greatly appieciated.
  2. Hawg

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    Mar 23, 2011
    Pieper was in business from 1859 thru WWI. Some were excellent quality some weren't. I know of no way to precisely date one but maybe somebody does.

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    Henri Pieper died in 1898 and the firm continued under a new name of Etablisments Pieper until 1905 when it went under yet another name change. So if your shotgun is marked H. Pieper it is a good bet it was made prior to 1898.
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