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    Jan 31, 2006
    I have a uncle named David Groshel that I have lost contact with. He has been in hospitals and homes since shortly after his return. Reading this forum has made me tear up many times. Is there anyway through the government to track where checks are going? Last I saw him, he was in a assisted liveng home in sudan, MN. But it has closed and they dont have a address for him. Iguess I aslo have to ask if anybody new him. Id really like to find him. any help would be welcome.
    I plan on setting my sons down here when they are old enough, lest they forget. Thank you all for sharing...Somehow they missed alot of this when I was in school.
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    Jan 31, 2001
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    You might try the local SS office or VA Regional Office with your inquiry but they may need some sort of documentation proving you are family to this veteran. You will need his Social Security # for both places.