Davis .380 Disassembly

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    Davis P-380 Pistol Dis-assembly HELP! How do you dissasemble this handgun? I know there are a few of you on this board that have owned or currently own one of these... please help! Also, does anyone know where to get a parts/dissasembly manual for this? Thanks for any and all help! Please respond to [email protected] Thank YOU!

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    I've been lead to believe that if you shoot 50-75 rounds through it, it'll disassemble itself!

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    Re: Davis P-380 Pistol Dis-assembly HELP!
    I dont routinely work on these, so lets see if I remember correctly.

    Start with an unloaded gun. Remove the magazine. At the rear of the gun, press the takedown latch forward (roundish piece the end of the firing pin sticks though to indicate its loaded). You should be able to lift the rear of the slide then move it and the recoil spring forward off the frame.

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    Re: Davis P-380 Pistol Dis-assembly HELP!
    i admit to having had one of these once.. and i remember a disassembly procedure simular to that Doc said..but i think you can once the gun is empty and mag is out, pointed in a safe direction of course.. pull the slide back all the way and lift up on the back end... then slide it all off the front of the barrel... been about 8 years or so since i played with one though so my memory could be faulty.. hope this helps.. Ray in California
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