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Savage, There's a couple ole 300 Savages around the village and all kinds of old military guns, usually 308 or 06's. Every Indian has an old 30-30, they believe they have some spiritual power and I've watched them stand there with their 30-30 and talk to grizzly bear 20 yards away; got to wonder about them Indians. Indians down Ft. Yukon killed a sow polar bear with a 223 Ar several years back, I even saw the picts.

I carry my 6.8 stag all the time for protection and we have killed just under a dozen blk bear with that gun. Had a buddy take several shots with a 458 win mag to kill a 350 lb bear, so I figure it's more about karma than knockdown power.
Ever see native Nat Guardsmen cop a M2 50 cal and try to go hunting with it??:D
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