DEFENSIVE WEAPONS (Suitabilities)?

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    DEFENSIVE WEAPONS (Suitabilities)?
    How does a "Makarov EG 9x18 pistol compare in the marketplace as a "Defensive weapon"?

    For short range situations, what is considered
    to be the most effective types of ammo to utilize?

    Charlie D
    Thanks for responding.

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    The Makarov is a compact, well made, functional firearm.

    This is always a matter of opinion, but I'd consider it on the lower end of the scale as far as defensive stopping power is concerned. Personally, I don't feel confident of anything less than .38 Special +P....and .45 is even better!

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    Re: DEFENSIVE WEAPONS (Suitabilities)?
    The Mak makes for a reliable CCW pistol if you like
    something that is easily concealable and shoots
    fairly well.

    Personally I agree with X in that I prefer S&W Mod 60
    with +P+ ammo in summer time, I'd rather my 45 year
    round but concealability is too difficult in summer and
    uncomfortable too, but a Mak is a fine CCW and I would
    not feel insecure if I chose to carry one for self defense
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