Democrats and Iranian Partners Ready for Summer Offensive

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    By Andrew Walden 06/07/07

    US Democrats and Iran have turned their attention toward turning American public opinion towards surrender.

    With the Congressional reauthorization of funding for Iraqi operations just days old, Democrats, their media, and Iran are already beginning a summer offensive aimed at achieving Islamist victory in Iraq by the only means possible — turning American public opinion towards surrender. A May 25 AP article by Anne Flaherty explains the Democrat strategy:

    In the months ahead, lawmakers will vote repeatedly on whether U.S. troops should stay and whether Bush has the authority to continue the war. The Democratic strategy is intended to ratchet up pressure on the President, as well as on moderate Republicans who have grown tired of defending Bush administration policy in a deeply unpopular war. ‘I feel a direction change in the air,’ said Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., chairman of the House panel that oversees military funding.

    Parallel to the Democrat strategy, the May 22 UK Guardian reports Iran is also planning a summer offensive.

    Iran is secretly forging ties with al-Qaeda elements and Sunni Arab militias in Iraq in preparation for a summer showdown with coalition forces intended to tip a wavering US Congress into voting for full military withdrawal, US officials say.

    "Iran is fighting a proxy war in Iraq and it's a very dangerous course for them to be following. They are already committing daily acts of war against US and British forces," a senior US official in Baghdad warned. "They [Iran] are behind a lot of high-profile attacks meant to undermine US will and British will, such as the rocket attacks on Basra palace and the Green Zone [in Baghdad]. The attacks are directed by the Revolutionary Guard who are connected right to the top [of the Iranian government]."

    The official said US commanders were bracing for a nationwide, Iranian-orchestrated summer offensive, linking al-Qaida and Sunni insurgents to Tehran's Shia militia allies, that Iran hoped would trigger a political mutiny in Washington and a US retreat. "We expect that al-Qaeda and Iran will both attempt to increase the propaganda and increase the violence prior to Petraeus's report in September."

    The Democrats’ offensive is operating on exactly the same timetable. AP’s Flaherty explains:

    The most critical votes on the war are likely to be cast in September when the House and Senate debate war funding for 2008. The House plans to consider one measure that would end combat by July 2008 and another intended to repeal Bush's authority to wage war in Iraq.

    The September votes likely will come after Iraq war commander Gen. David Petraeus tells Congress whether Bush's troop buildup plan is working. Also due by September is an independent assessment of progress made by the Iraqi government.

    "Those of us who oppose this war will be back again and again and again and again until this war has ended," said Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass.
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    :eek: That may come to pass w/ the Media's help. :mad:

    The @*^%in' Libs need to take a History Lesson...& so does George W. With Bush, it should been before we went to Iraq, so we could get the job done right. We're there, we have to finish it...

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    I can't say anything here. I'm just to angry!
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