Demolitian Man

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    Just saw on the news where San Francisco is trying to put another tax on sugary soft drinks (because they're not good for you).

    Last week, Levi Garrett chewing tobacco shot from $4.60 a pack to $8.49 due to another fed tax (because it's not good for you).

    Cigarettes are now $6.00 a pack (because they're not good for you).

    Some science fiction comic books and movies are not so much humerus as much as they are windows to our future. Talking wrist watches, etc.

    A good movie to watch is "Demolition Man" with Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock.

    In one scene where Stallone asks for the salt for his dinner, Bullock tells Stallone, something to the effect of " there is no salt. The government decided that anything they deemed not good for you is now illegal" (the statement is as close as I can remember it).

    They also didn't have toilet paper, hamburgers, gasoline cars, firearms or sex in the usual fashion.
    All restaurants were Taco Bell and Arnold Swartzenegger was or had been president, It's a hilarious movie but scary in it's own right with what's going on now.
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    Oh yes, I watched that movie right after Barry was "elected" and I noticed the exact same thing.

    All hail the Nanny State:mad::mad:

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    I watched "Demolitian Man" and thought it was very close to what is about to happen now in america. already we have severe controls on alcohol, tobacco, gunpowder, and trans fats and sugar are on the near horizon. next will be sex? why not, then the government will have total control. Total body and mind control is the aim of all this BS!

    Time to lock and load!
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    and don't forget the 3 shells! :D