Density of European Small Arms Manufacturers

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    Bob In St Louis
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    Have you every really thought about:
    1) The overall size of Western Europe;
    2) The number of countries that area is broken into;
    3) The number of small arms manufacturers each of those countries has.

    It really starts striking home when you think about all those fine (and some not so fine) manufacturers, then think about how spacially close they are to each other - there are probably ten times more firearms manufacturers in Europe than all of the United States. The density of firearms per square mile is much greater than all of the United States, and the crime rate is much lower. Hmmm - must digest this further. Now I have to think of spining this into the military aspect - AHA! most of these are military firearms!
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    The Industrial/Demographic Revolutions coupled with the rise of rampant Nationalism did wonders for "the age of rifles," as OB referred to it.

    You had to have your own rifle design for your own standing army if you wanted to be a major player. The next best thing was your own CARTRIDGE if you bought the rifle from someone else...

    It was a pride thing...

    Even more interesting is how that has evolved since WWII, so that every major armed forces in the world today use either the 7.62 NATO, 5.56Nato, 7.62X39, or 5.45X(whatever the AK-74 uses...)

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    You have to bear in mind that as these arms were usually intended to shoot people from other countries, THIS DOES NOT COUNT AS CRIME.

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    Well, Bob, the same was true here in the U.S. of A. Most of the major, and a huge number of minor, arms manufacturers were concentrated in (and around) the Connecticut River Valley.