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    One of my High Standard Trophy series 107 pistols (with 7 1/4" barrels) had a different sight than the other Trophy pistols that I have. The sight on it had the set screw at the back (behind) the sight blade. The sights on all of my other Trophy pistols have the set screw in front of the sight blade. This pistol had this different sight on it when I purchased it.

    So I decided to purchase a sight from HS that is the same as the sights on my other HS Trophy pistols to place on this one, so that they would all be the same.

    The minor problem that I am having is that after slightly filing the two edges of new sight, so that it would go into the groove on the barrel, is that it does not seem to want to go back into the groove far enough so that the front edge of the sight is flush with the face/muzzle of the gun barrel, i.e. it is sticking out just SLIGHTLY beyond the muzzle (maybe 1/8 of an inch).

    I then went and looked at the sights on my other Trophy pistols and on all of them the sights were ALSO NOT exactly flush with the end of the barrel. They are sticking out slightly beyond the end of the barrel BUT not quite as much as the one I just attempted to install on the pistol that had the different styled sight on it. I even took a plastic ended punch and tapped on the front of the sight a few times but it still did not seem to want to go back so that the front of the sight would be aligned exactly flush with the front of the barrel.

    Are these sights NOT supposed to go back into the grove on the barrel until the front of the sight is exactly flush/even with the muzzle of the barrel ? Or are they supposed to slightly stick out in front of the muzzle of the barrel ?

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    That's what is called a "Feature" ;)

    Big discussion of it over at Rimfire Central in the Hi Standard section.

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