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    Greetings everybody;

    I have just acquired a small pistol that I cannot seem to find any information on. It is a single shot type, can't figure the caliber and it's smaller than .32S&W. It has a tiny release button underneath that allows the barrel to swing out for loading and unloading. Here's a phot and if anyone can shed some light on this I'd be grateful. It has the letters GEM engraved on the top strap and has a serial number of 1436. Any ideas? Im pretty sure this cartridge isn't right either.


    Thanks everyone.

    That's a .50 Cal round bye the way.
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    Stevens Arms Co. " Gem " pocket pistol, 1872-1890. .22 and .30 caliber ( 30 caliber long obsolete ). Stated that it was Sevens only handgun that did not have the tip up barrel. Brass frame. nickel plated, barrel can be blued or nickel. Values vary depending on which reference is used, however Flaydermans's Guide ( 5H-003 ) lists it at 1250 in excellent down to 400 in very good. It is hard to tell the actual condition from pictures but yours looks to be in at least very good to fine condition. Hope that helps.
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