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    This discussion started on another forum, talking about the seed inspectors armed with gun and authority visiting hardware stores inventories of flower and plant seeds and relabeling required for germination rates.

    Them came the folloing added.

    State Plant Inspector checks plants for bugs.

    State Citrus Inspector checks citrus trees for canker. Used to have to log sales and account for every tree.

    State DRN Inspector checks to see that no banned plants are for sale.

    State Scale Inspector checks bird seed & nail scale every 6 months but cannot check LP scale.

    State Platform Scale Inspector checks LP platform scales every 6 months.

    State LP Inspector checks LP dispenser but cannot check LP scale.

    State Pesticide Inspector checks swimming pool bleach tank & jugs for labels. Twice the strength of Clorox Florida considers bleach a dangerous pesticide.

    There were others, but I'll add one more:

    One got busted by the cow manure police once. Our coop brand did not have the correct NC ag dept number on the bag. I asked the man if his mother knew what he did for a living, which he did not find funny. He said I could not sell, give away, or otherwise dispose of it, but it somehow disappeared, and the vendor issued credit. Our tax dollars at work!

    What a load of crock!!

    How do you regulate every detail of people's lives and activities without a two hundred to one ratio of watchers to producers?:mad:
  2. Actually, a crock of . . . well, you get the picture. :D

    With inspectors like that, can the Geheime Staatspolitzei be far away? :mad:

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    EPA Police raided a dog buscuit plant in Wichita last week. I've put all my dog biscuits in pelican boxes and buried them out by the firearms.
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    I dug up all my stuff and have it within reach never know when I might want a snack :D
  5. You have to do a trick before you get a treat, Ron. Carla suggested finishing up the electrical wiring for the doorbell. Woof! Woof! :D;):p