Did anybody say sorry?

Discussion in 'The Fire For Effect and Totally Politically Incorr' started by cycloneman, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. cycloneman

    cycloneman Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2008
    Just wondering if any of the ousted gents or skanks said they were sorry to America last night............

    No guess not. I didn't hear a im sorry that you cant buy new tires for you truck. Sorry you dont have any money to buy that new baby crib you need. Sorry your business is in the toilet. Sorry your accounts recievable went to 90 days. Sorry that had a bad efffect on your business. Sorry you can't go on vacation. Sorry you have to work harder for nothing. Sorry for being sorry to foreigners. Sorry for putting AZ through he11. Sorry for that Gulf thing. Sorry I bullied you into a health care system that is worse than what you had. Sorry i didn't salute the flag. Sorry we gave up the eastern block to the russians. Sorry for letting the black panthers go. Sorry for apointing freaks to office.

    One thing for sure jack, this aint over.

    I watched a new report today and they said 24% of the tea partiers were in the angry catagory. Yep that sounds about right. That 24% is what is unemployed.
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  2. zkovach

    zkovach Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Oct 7, 2009
    Well Said! but why would they say sorry? They still believe YOU DONT GET IT!!

  3. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Member

    May 31, 2010
    Yep. They think the reason you didn't vote for them is that you just don't understand. They will ALWAYS think they know what's best for you. You are too stupid to know what is in your best interests.

    I know some liberals who voted for Obama. I talked with one of them yesterday and he said that he really believes the nation is better off with Obama as President. He believes that unemployment would be much worse without the extended unemployment benefits and stimulus bills.

    I asked him where he thought all that money was coming from.

    He's not rich and fairly intelligent (on technical things).

    He was not concerned at all about the US deficit and borrowing from China.
  4. pinecone70

    pinecone70 Active Member

    Jul 30, 2008
    Minnesota Gal!
    I know some democrats too, they seem like intelligent people but then one of them will say something like this: "Democrats spend all our money on frivolities like health care, while Republicans spend it all on the cool stuff like wars and making corporations richer. How could I ever decide?" (Baa....)

    You're right, they truly do not understand.
  5. ampaterry

    ampaterry *TFF Admin Staff Chaplain* Staff Member Supporting Member

    Dec 20, 2008
    West Tennessee
    Sorry your retirement nestegg, once AA Large, is the size of a hummingbird egg now.
    Sorry that the cost of living has increased for two years, while our formula for calculating SS COLA has shown that there has been no increase, and therefore no raise.
    Sorry for continuing to reward businesses for outsourcing everything off shore.
    Sorry for refusing to stop the illegal immigrants from robbing the public coifures blind.

    Those snakes that we threw out will never SAY they are sorry -
    But they certainly are.
    Just about the sorriest bunch it has ever been my displeasure to hear about.
  6. thomas44

    thomas44 New Member

    Mar 16, 2008
    I wonder if they are sorry I'm about to be laid off just in time for the holidays. Sweet. Big government sucks !
  7. Gun Geezer

    Gun Geezer Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2009
    Central Florida
    Another part of the problem. Ya can't fix stupid!:eek:
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