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(1/11/02 12:25:58 am)
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it's my understanding that this issue has been actively pursued by the Ohio gun owners for some time.....

By JOHN NOLAN, Associated Press

CINCINNATI (January 10, 2002 11:50 a.m. EST) - Ruling the ban on concealed weapons violated the state constitution, a state judge on Thursday blocked police from enforcing Ohio's decades-old law.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman said the law effectively barred people from protecting themselves.

"The very thought a potential victim might possess a firearm deters that element of our society that cares nothing about laws or human life but rather understands only one thing - brute force," Ruehlman wrote.

Lawyers for the city of Cincinnati, the county and state said they would appeal the order.

A Cincinnati private investigator and four others who said their jobs required them to carry weapons for self-defense, sued in July 2000, saying the Ohio Constitution allows citizens to bear arms, concealed or not.

Ohio now lets only law enforcement officials and state and federal government officers carry concealed weapons.

Richard Ganulin, a lawyer for the city of Cincinnati, said the judge's order contradicts Ohio Supreme Court rulings from the 1920s upholding the state's authority to ban concealed weapons.

"There's no question. It's binding - unless the Supreme Court of Ohio chooses to overrule itself," Ganulin said.

Gun-rights supporters hope the lawsuit will prompt state laws allowing concealed weapons for the public.

Forty-three states allow concealed weapons in some form.

Different name
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(1/11/02 2:02:04 pm)
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Wonder what the "NRA" would have to say about this situation? (Officially)
Charlie D

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(1/12/02 3:34:29 am)
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Go Judge go !!!!!

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(1/12/02 8:23:45 pm)
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however....there's always something....

my son that lives in Ohio says the news media is reporting that this ruling will only effect Hamilton County, the county where it was tried....maybe some TFF lawyer/member could explain that one....ok

common sense is devoid in the courts in this counrty
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