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(2/22/02 10:16:26 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All Did you see the USA Today on Thursday?
The article on the Islamic Rebels in the Philippines...and they talked about the "rifle toting Christian Militia" guarding the villages.

Did you catch the picture?

Don't ask me why I got a thrill seeing the GARAND, and it got me to thinking, I wonder how many Garands are still in service there, and other places around the world?

And we dumped a HELLUVA lot of carbines there too, to the guerrillas in WWII, especially on Mindinao.

The only picture I've seen recently that got me as excited was the AP one showing the Bosnian Rebels taking all those "assault rifles" from the embassies right before we went into Kosovo, and when you looked closely, you saw all those rifles slung on the guys shoulders were M44s!

A tiger never changes his spots.

*TFF Senior Staff*
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(2/22/02 11:38:35 am)
Reply | Edit | Del Re: Did you see the USA Today on Thursday?
....just the thing to pry the treads off them Serbian tanks......

Sorry Polish....the devil made me do that!
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