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(6/25/02 7:16:55 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All ?Ruger .22 pistols?
Recently, been looking at Ruger .22 semi auto pistols on the auctions. Can anyone tell me what are the differences between the markI and markII versions? Mfg dates? Are the older versions more or less desireable than the new ones? Thanks in advance.

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(6/25/02 7:36:32 pm)
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On the mk2 there are angle cuts in front of the cocking wings.The mags are different and the mk2 holds 10 compared to 9 in the mk1. The safety is different between the 2 of them. There may be more differences than that since I am not familiar with the mk2's having never owned one,
I like my RST6 (fixed sight version of the mk1). If I was to get another it would be in stainless steel.
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