Digital Reloading Data.

All of us that reload to support our shooting know that data for that Hobby/Task comes from reloading manuals or Data provided by component manufacturers available in Printed or Digital (PDF Format) or an online application. Some of these Manuals or data providers use data developed from load tests using their own components or components of partner companies (such as Bullet, Case, Primer, and Powder manufacturers), another source is from the equipment manufacturer such as Lyman and Lee who may rely on data developed by other companies (with permission of course). So is it a good idea to have more than one manual? Yes, of course it is. In some cases you can access the most up to date information in Digital Format. As stated above some of this digital data is developed by the Component Manufacturer, such as the Bullet Manufacturer, or the Powder Manufacturer. This article is not written to endorse any particular manufacturer or publisher. Sometimes New powders are not listed in printed manuals, and may not be listed until the next edition of the Printed manual, or the print version manual does not include recipes for a specific powder you may wish to use. Often in the case of new powders the manufacturer will include the load data for the new powder in their digital loading guides before it is listed in a print version manual. Some of the digital data is centric on that particular manufacturers components (Bullets, Cases), or those of Partner Companies.

In most cases these digital guides only cover the load data provided by the powder or bullet manufacturer. They are not intended to replace the reloading manual where it details the Safe Reloading process.

Western Powders:



Hodgdon, IMR, Winchester:

Vihtavuori Powders:


As with Print versions of Reloading Manuals, Read the warnings and Cautions that may be included with the Digital versions. Ultimately it is incumbent on the person reloading to follow the established safety precautions and procedures.

Enjoy your safe reloading and Shooting