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*TFF Staff*
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(10/7/02 1:30:57 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Dillon not playing fair on press parts
Today I ordered some press accessories from Dillon (small things) then asked how much to buy the lower linkage and main shaft assembly for my old RL 450 frame without handle and knob. The guy says about $180 plus S&H.

Nuts to that, I can buy the complete AT-500 press for $193.95 so, give me a break on those lower end parts, notta.

Seems they don't want folks to keep those old 450 presses going and not buying their latest models. Well heck, I've got a 550-B and an upgraded 450 press on my bench right now. Think I paid about $130 for those lower end parts about 2 years ago.

This is the only time I've been sour on Dillon's prices. It is vertually impossible to find lower end linkage used parts made by Dillon.

Anyone out there want to sell me some?


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(10/9/02 6:26:50 am)
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You should have sent it to them for repair, they probably would have fixed it with the new parts for free!

*TFF Staff*
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(10/9/02 8:47:47 am)
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Sorry, that diffinetly won't work...been there done that...never happen.

Was going to send them my other 450 frame (have one left) and the guy said no, they will send me the lower linkage unit after I pay for it. And that's what happened.

I'm really not looking for a freebee, but a decent break on the new parts to restore my old press. The $180 they quoated me is not realistic as one can buy a Dillon AT-500 complete press for $193.95 which includes basically a 550 frame and lower linkage unit that can load ammo progressively. It doesn't have the powder measure or the primer system. And those items can be later added on at the users descresion.

Therefore, the $180 is a rip to get my old RL 450 frame working again.

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