Dillon Powder Measure Problems ( from Pro1000 thread )

Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by woolleyworm, Mar 10, 2011.

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    The differences GD was getting was 1.4gn +/-, so I'm scratching my head also. I should have my strong mount in today, so all of my hands-on Dillon PM experience has been with the SDB. Once I get my 550 set up, I'll measure some 748 and see what results I get. It is possibly in the linkage/operating rod set-up; at least that is the only area I could see being the problem, other than a 748/measure problem.
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    The powder measure has to be raised and lowered with the powder die threads so that the measure gets a full stroke of the powder bar. Get that wrong and the exit of the powder from the bar as it is delivered to the cartridge may be partially blocked. The bar must move such that the linkage almost touches the rear of the opening in the powder measure body. Less than that is not a full stroke. I also use the spring band to assure the powder bar fully returns to its starting point.

    Put the powder funnel in backwards and the measure sees a shelf instead of a funnel which will capture some of the powder as it is delivered to the case.

    Did the plastic guide in the powder measure delivery tube fall out and get lost? It is the place that the funnel pushes against to cycle the measure.

    I reload for rifle and pistol cartridges and have for over 25 years on this Dillon RL550B. While the powder measure may be the weak point of the Dillon system, my only complaint with it was it has a hard time with extruded powders. But all powder measure do, including the Redding BR30 that I sometimes use manually.

    One frustrating thing about the Dillon powder measure is dialing in the delivery amount as there are no reference marks for the screw. I have tried the UniTek powder bar but the glue they provide did not work well and the anti-backlash fix for the micrometer fell out. They did repair both of mine but I have yet to use them since the repair. The micrometer setting works as you can get the initial setting much closer and only have to fine tune it, if the UniTek powder bar stays together(??).


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