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2 yrs ago I got my xl 650 for Christmas and I love it. My wife still tells me " I felt so sorry for you trying to reload on that other press" ( it was a Pro 2000 It would load 4-5 rds and stop working then I would spend a couple of hrs fixing it). I have ended up with 8 different tool heads and conversions. I am currently out of all brass to reload, I have never in my life been faced with this problem.

Just go slow at first and always keep the manual close at hand. It seems complicated at first but you learn how it works and then is fun to use. The DVD is a good resource also, I guess I was lucky on that one, when ordering the salesman suggested it and I told him since I was spending so much money that he ought to just throw that in for free and he did! Jeep if you need any help I would be glad to try and help you. I hope you like yours as much as I like mine!!!
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