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After Christmas, while laying around bloated and wondering why I do this to myself every year...

My wife calls me into look at the computer at a Dillon XL 650 reloader.

Now, I've been drooling over a buddy's XL 650 for two years, but I was never going to spend that kind of money on one for myself...

She says, "Is this what you have been talking about for a reloader?"

I say, "Yes, but it's a pipe dream, I don't actually 'NEED' one, just like Kerry and think it's cool. Can't afford one just to sit in there 10 months of the year."

She says, "Good, because that's what I just ordered."

Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, I say, "Damn, you'll have one before I do..."

She says, "No stupid, it's for you! I got an end of year bonus at work and I just bought that FOR YOU!"


Not only the press, but caliber changes for .223, .308/.30-06, .45 ACP and 9mm lugar!

Anyone got any tips or tricks for this press?
Now that I'll have access to it full time, I'm going to do like I do with EVERYTHING, and tinker with it!
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