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(7/24/02 3:38:59 pm)
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Since there is not alot of activity on this part of the forum, I thought I would see if anyone else has had this happen to them.

I am developing a new load for my .308. I was using VitaVhouri (sp?) N-150 and since I run out I would try something different.

Hodgon - Varget. After shooting, I have noticed that it seemingly leaves more powder residue in the barrel. It seemed that just a few (20) passes with a bronze brush and a couple of patches and you were good to go with the N-150. After shooting with the Varget - Normal shooting session before cleaning decided to clean.

20 passes with the bronze/ nylon brush and the first patch come out totaly black. More patches, more passes with the brush, patches come out about black.

Has anyone else notice some powders being "dirtier" than others???

*TFF Staff*
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(7/24/02 5:42:01 pm)
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Oh, definately! I would imagine it has some to do with the burn rate, and some to do with which primer is used. Also the make-up of the powder itself. I use Hodgedon a lot. I know that between their brands there is different amounts of residue left in the barrel. For target practice this creates a need for lots of cleaning, but when developing a round for hunting, I'll forego the dirtiness of a powder to gain the best accuracy I can get out of the reload.

shooter45 us
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(7/24/02 6:18:40 pm)
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Cpahunter, try some IMR 4064. Seems to burn fairly clean.

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(7/24/02 9:24:51 pm)
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Okay cpahunter, if you really want to know why youre rifle barrel looked like that, you might want to ask shooter45 what youre rifle went thru on its little road trip to ace systems . I heard you let some nuts take it . Maybe they jinks it. HeHeHeHe !!!!!!!

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(7/25/02 6:41:38 pm)
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I shoot a wide variety of powders from many manufacturers. Pretty much what Shooter 22 says - whatever shoots the best in that particular firearm is what I go with, regardless of barrel fouling. If it requires extra cleaning, so be it!
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