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This will be old news to current Remington shooters, but for folks who don't own a Remington New Model Army revolver yet, but are thinking about getting one in the future, this could be useful.

I had to break it into two videos due to length.

Part one deals with cleaning the cylinder and nipples.

Part 2 shows how to completely disassemble, clean and re-assemble the revolver.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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Good videos. I've never had the courage to take my NMA down that far. I've just taken the cylinder apart, taken the cylinder pin and loading ram off and dumped them in warm-hot soapy water, scrubbed it all down with a scotch brite pad, a bronze brush, and a few swabs down the barrel and cylinder, until they come out clean. Then into the oven at lowest temp to dry off, and wipe down inside and out with something like 3-in-1 oil; while it's still hot.

Its great to see how a professional does it. Thanks. I'll keep them for reference.
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