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    Actually, no I don't remember that, that's kinda my point. the Islamists may be going through what the Christians went through, but the difference is we Christians had our last Crusade in 1229 A.D., 779 years ago and counting. The world, and one would hope, humanity have advanced a little since then, but these radicals are still fighting as though it were the 13th Century.

    No, at some point they must be utterly defeated. That is the only way they will decide that war will not achieve their goals, it will only serve to weaken their position. Then they will begin to come around to someone we can co-exist with. Until then, they will kill as many of us as they can, with no compunction, no remorse.
    You are right in your assessment, but complete and total victory is the only path that will lead to a lasting peace.
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    I dunno, we have flush toilets but how much have we actually advanced? I think most our changes are out of force, and in fact we have probably gotten worse. If CNN and Amnesty International didn't exist, wars would still be fought like in the middle ages.

    Ah, yes, EXTREMISTS must be UTTERLY defeated, I agree 110%. However, what I was referring to was Muslims in general. We NEED to defeat the extremists, but we want to make sure we don't piss off every Muslim in the process. If only because strategically it would be an error (I also think it would be "the right thing" to do).[/quote]

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