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    folks use this site? Surplus Rifle Dot Com.

    I have made the decision to shutdown on March 30th, 2007. I picked this date because it was the last date I was contractually bound to any of the sponsors. I am grateful to the sponsors that have supported over the past five years. Some have become friends that I will count as friends for the rest of my life. Thank you all. John Huber and Tim Jones thank you both for all of the support. John you are a generous and kind man. You were both there from the beginning and stuck with me till the end.

    I have concluded a deal that will allow the CD-ROMS and manuals to be published and sold by Tennessee Gun Parts.

    I knew I was sick when we had the California shoot. The shoot was more special to me than you could have ever imagined. It was my way of meeting a lot of you for the first and last time. Thank you all who came. I really enjoyed myself and all of you. Randall, Paul, and Ralph thank you for helping me pull it off. I really appreciate it.

    The friends I have made with have been my greatest reward. There are so many that I cannot name them all. I wish to thank Mark and Ted for all of the articles they have submitted over the years and for being there for me to share ideas, jokes, and general complaining in email and on the phone. You are my friends and I thank you for that. I wish to thank my moderators who have made the forum and chat room one of the most civil places on the internet to share ideas and discuss military firearms. Thank you all.

    Don, thank you for being a friend to and myself. You have been very patient with me over the years and have supplied most of the fine rifles and pistols we used on the site. Thank you very much.

    I am not going anywhere. Mark, Ted, and I are starting a new website that will have articles on firearms in general. It will cover military firearms which is our first and foremost love but it will also cover firearms in general ranging from new commercial to what ever we want to write about on the subject of firearms. The new site will not have sponsors and will not sell anything. It will cost almost nothing to run and will afford me time to write and publish articles again. I will publish the URL address on to the new site when it is ready to launch. We already have at least half a dozen articles in the hopper for the unveiling that all readers of will enjoy.

    Five years is a long time for a home grown web site to run. I have had a lot of fun and I hope you have too. Please know this was not an easy decision to make or article to write. Since my illness I have really turned into a girl when it comes to my emotions. I had better end this article so I don't break down.


    By Jamie Mangrum

    The whole story here
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    Yes I do.
    The website is still up and will stay up now that it's owned by Tennessee Gun Parts. The forums were taken over by some of the moderators and run by them with donations from the members. I've had the pleasure to meet Jamie at last years Surplus Rifle Shutzenfest in Sacramento,Ca. He 's fighting the cancer and we hope to see him at this years event too. Sales from the CD's are helping with his treatment bills.