Do you have a Stevens 30G Favorite .22

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by garyg, May 3, 2007.

  1. garyg

    garyg New Member

    Feb 2, 2005
    Western PA
    If you have a newer Savage Favorite Model 30G rifle how do you like it and are there any problems with it? I am thinking about getting one if I can locate one . Thanks
  2. MRMIKE08075

    MRMIKE08075 Active Member

    Aug 26, 2005
    New Jersey
    i bought the .22 win mag variant for my Dad...

    its a good gun for the price, but does not have the old world craftmanship of the original guns (i have 2 early ones circa 1895-1910)...

    we are going to try out a scout style long eye relief forward mounted scope...

    its a solid gun, a fair price...

    decent accuracy, but with the standard open buckhorn sight its no tackdriver...

    i hope that mounting some glass will show its true accuracy potential.

    best regards, mike.

  3. William Harper

    William Harper New Member

    Nov 29, 2009
    Montgomery, AL 36106
    Dear GaryG: I have and love my Savage Stevens Favorite Model 30G and find it very accurate with iron sights from supported positions for hunting and for informal target practice. Check any you buy even new off a shelf for dry firing damage to the extractor, because this can cause misfires. The 30G
    is not for dry-firing. It usually pays to replace the elevation ramp in the 30G with one from a 30R17 or 30GM so you can use target as well as HV .22LR.
    A couple of dollars. It also pays to file off the front sight bead leaving a good square post improving sight picture and sights settings to longer range because the 30G is accurate. Mine will make a one hole group at 25 yards from the bench with Lapua Master L and 1" at 100 yards and 2.5-3.5 average in quiet air at 200 meters. Just behind it is the much less costly Aguila Golden Eagle Match at 1.12" at 100 yards and 2.5-4" at 200 meters. A good lot of Federal Automatch will shoot well from the 30G to 200 meters. I use both Aguila GE match and Fed Automatch with treeside support to head-shoot squirrels. For a power load I use the CCI Velocitor (2" at 100 yards). With a hand made elevation ramp I cut, filed, and blued I can use the target loads very effectively on silhouettes or spinners to 200 meters and the CCI Velocitors on targets at 300 meters or on a coyote. Two things I would strenuously avoid, gease on a cartridge case and grease in the chamber. The 30G is a pivoting block not a falling block and has limited breach strength; it needs the grip of dry chamber walls on the cartridge case to ease strain, not the straight back thrust grease would allow. Also, I would largely avoid the new Aguila Interceptor .22LR hyper velocity load, which is much hotter than the CCI Velocitor, and which I suspect will press the 30G's breach loose. Twice I had my 30G off to Savage. Once under warranty for dealer display dry firing damage to the extractor, then once more to have the breach rebuilt after a careless greasy chamber Aguila Interceptor firing literally bent it open. The rebuild was exellent. Little Artemesia is my most loved squirrel rifle. The 30G is not tapped for a scope mount. It could have a tang peep gunsmith mounted with a Lyman 17a front sight, a stevens classic but costly; you can buy a lot of good ammo for that price ca. $160.00. Learn to shoot iron sights accurately; this can be done. I know, being a master of open iron sights. Keep a notebook on results and how you are shooting the dainty little 4.25 Lb rifle. Learn it well. You can be happy with it. If the trigger is hard or rough, shooting will soon cure that. Or you can speed up the trigger smoothing by simply working the trigger sear against the hammer sear sqeezing off again and again but on no account letting the hammer strike the firing pin remembering the rule about dry-firing damage to the extractor; that will give your shooting hand a pretty good workout for a couple of sessions. Good luck. If you can't find a 30G, by the way, try the model 30 .22LR with open sights, which is also tapped for a scope and comes with a mount, though you should not need it. Good luck.
  4. john schroomer

    john schroomer New Member

    Aug 2, 2010
    Keep an eye on the headspace on this model. If you start to get misfires, stop and check things out. Hold the gun sideways and see if you can see daylight between the barrel face and the breech when the action is closed.

    At 12/1000's I had a case head blowout. The rim split open and dumped bits of brass and hot gases into the action. In theory that should have made it recoil less because equal amounts of gas were going down the barrel and out the top of the breech.

    If you only shoot at meat and annoying critters, then a box of 50 shells will probably last for a couple of years and you will never see this. If you shoot until the ground is littered with empty brass, it happens very fast.
  5. old semperfi

    old semperfi Active Member

    Aug 27, 2009
    i live in southern indiana,old country boy at hear
    i have had this little reproducton since it came out new and have fired hundreds and hundreds of rounds thru it with no problems.the only reservations i have had is no scope mount.if someone ever builds one i will be the first to buy it. old semperfi
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