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    Mar 25, 2006
    I have been contacted by a man who claims to be a member of this forum and goes by the name B. Gundel with the anonymous email adress He has claimed to be an active duty member of the Special Forces and has contacted me in reference to correspondence between myself and a discharged service man (Frank Rizza) that has repeatedly tried to destroy the house, credit history, finances, personal property and life of a disabled veteran from the era of the first Gulf War. The correspondence referred to in B. Gundels email is littered with colorful metaphors which display my disdain for the discharged service man (Frank Rizza) only and not the Military in general which is obviously the way B. Gundel chose to take my comments. It was also a response to his email telling me that the veteran he has been targeting had contracted the AIDS virus.

    I am sure that B. Gundel is only thinking of our service men and women and what is in their best interest. Perhaps he will consider the destruction that has been heaped upon this unsuspecting disabled veteran in the wake of Frank Rizza.

    I am attaching a copy of his email and also my response in hopes that someone might know this individual and assist in my contacting him at a legitimate web site or email address rather than one that is disguised and anonymous.

    Mr. Henson,
    I read the email you sent to Mr. Rizza with interest. I am an active duty Special Forces officer who served in both OEF and OIF. I am also a member of the VFW and the AMVETS and have published a number of articles regarding our i.e. veterans experiences during the war.
    I am going to ensure your commentary that you use combat soldiers' medals to "wipe your ass" is sent to your local newspaper, military organizations, the ACLU (for your use of the vitriolic term "nigger"), the Better Business Bureau and many other parties who would more than feign interest in your mockery of combat soldiers who fought in Iraq. I've attended more than a couple of services for my fallen comrades, and I don't know Frank Rizza well, but I knew him Iraq to be a soldier of first caliber.
    I noticed your email has a .org at the tail. That's interesting; wonder how the folks at Firearms Forum would feel about that (I'm a member as are many other veterans).
    In any case, we our preparing men (not those who hide behind websites spouting words and making cabinets while "wiping their asses with combat medals" but real men who go to war to face the unknown) to go back donwrange for the fight (our third tour) and just brought some home. But be sure, when the dust has settled--and this could be a month, or so--you will have to atone for your comments about wiping your ass with combat medals." The internet cuts both ways, and it takes nothing to locate all agencies in your town and the hundreds of veterans on my personal emailing list who will inturn send your message out to others, who then will send out that to others. Well, you understand the causal chain.
    I bet you even have an American flag pasted on the front of your business or a "Support Our Troops" sticker on your vehicle.

    Subject: Re: Veteran's Response to one who has desecrated medals from Iraq
    Date: August 11, 2006 2:36:20 PM CDT

    Mr Gundel,

    You may also find it of personal interest how "a soldier of first caliber" has treated another disabled veteran from the 1st Gulf War. I am a proud American with an American flag in front of my business and I do not have a "Support Our Troops" sticker on my vehicle. In spite of these facts, I do support red blooded Americans choosing to fight valiantly in the cause of freedom. I do not consider Frank Rizza to be "a soldier of first caliber" and I will tell you exactly why, and you can decide for yourself.

    Frank Rizza is a person who married a disabled veteran only for the purpose of gaining citizenship to our great nation.
    Frank Rizza enlisted in the United States Military with the intention of defrauding the government and the taxpayers of money for what he personally stated as pre-existing conditions.
    Frank Rizza is an unaccountable sociopath by his own admission (I will be happy to send you his personal correspondence to this effect)
    Frank Rizza destroyed thousands of dollars worth of personal property of a fellow legitimately disabled veteran living on a fixed income.
    Frank Rizza stole personal and private property belonging to a fellow legitimately disabled veteran living on a fixed income.
    Frank Rizza burned, damaged and destroyed portions of a house belonging to a fellow legitimately disabled veteran living on a fixed income.
    Frank Rizza stole money, refused to make payment to creditors and caused irreversible credit damage to a fellow legitimately disabled veteran living on a fixed income.
    Frank Rizza fraudulently opened credit accounts in the name of a fellow legitimately disabled veteran living on a fixed income with the intention of never repaying money spent in said account.
    Frank Rizza fraudulently filled out and forged federal tax documents to defraud the Government and it's taxpaying citizens like you and me.
    Frank Rizza has fraudulently signed a fellow legitimately disabled veteran living on a fixed income to several idiotic internet posts to be a general nuisance.
    Frank Rizza has attempted to destroy a young veteran who served the country valiantly as I am sure you also do.
    Frank Rizza has continued his destructive behavior to this day because "by his own admission" he is a sociopath that need not be concerned with accountability.

    Is this "a soldier of first caliber", I don't think so! I have seen the destruction left in his wake first hand and the effects of which will last for years to come. As far as I am concerned, he will not hide behind the American Military to avoid accountability for his heinous and criminal actions. You say that you served with him personally, I have no reason to doubt you or your integrity, but I would submit that you do not know this animal. If you doubt me or my integrity, I will be happy to put you in touch with the veteran that Frank has personally attempted to destroy.

    Frank Rizza is nothing more than a coward that has cleverly hidden himself behind the cloak of courage provided by the American Flag. This is the only way that he will ever appear to be anything more than the sub-human piece of trash that he is. He has gained citizenship illegitimately, he has defrauded the American people and he has tried desperately to destroy the life of a fellow veteran, and he is a friend of yours.

    You are welcome to take interest in my affairs, I welcome it. Wether it is my .org address or my comments toward Frank Rizza's service medals which are directed at Frank Rizza and not my sentiment of the American Military. I will not justify my attitude or my comments about a person that lacks any semblance of a conscience. You may follow through with your threats of locating local agencies and contacting hundreds of veterans in exponentiating correspondence, but this will only be affecting other veterans. My suggestion to you is that you familiarize yourself with the source of the problem, Frank Rizza.

    Bill Henson

    If you know who this individual is or how to contact him, please forward his contact information to