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  1. opr1945

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    Oct 11, 2010
    Hi everyone. I am new here but have owner a mauser for about 45 years. Which is why I am posting this.

    Back in the 1960's I purchased a Mauser HSc in 7.65mm caliber. On the left side of the Slide near the end of the barrel is a mauser logo (the name Mauser in a sort of oval) To the right of that is Mauser-Werke A. G. Oberndorf a. N. Under this line is Mod. HSc space Kal 7,65mm

    Where the trigger guard meets the front strap on the left side is a small symbol. It is really hard to see, but looks like maybe a stylized eagle with out stretched wings with something dangling below the body (feet?). and a upper case M to the left of the feeet and the number 8 to the right of the feet.

    On the right side, same place is another what appears to be an eagle with wings out stretched with a W under the eagle. This one is on its side. This eagle is similar to, but different from, the one on the other side.

    On the right side of the slide near the tip of the barrel is again this eagle (bird?) with a upper case N under it. again it is on it's side.

    Wooden grips.

    Right now I can't seem to remember how to take the slide off. I have not had it off in 30 years. I know that the little slide thing inside the trigger guard has to be pushed down, but therre must be more to it because that doesn't allow slide to come off. But I remember that some internal parts have the last couple of digits of the serial number on them. I was told they "match." I recall there being some more symbols stamped on the internal parts but I can't recall them now.

    Gun does not appear to have been abused. However the bluing has worn off some near the barrel and on the ridges of the slide.

    serial number : 778xxx.

    1. If anyone can tell me how the slide comes off I would appreciate it.
    2. I would also be interested to know anything about the history of the gun.
    3. Or it's approximate value although I have no desire to part with the gun.

    The guy I bought it from (we were in the service at the time) told me the N under the eagle meant the gun was issued by the Natzi's to a Naval Officer during WWII. At the time I believed him. I now doubt he know what he was talking about. We were both in our early 20's.

    Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. 45autos

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    Oct 11, 2010
    you have an early (prob late 1941) Navy HSc. The frame should have a lanyard loop hole at the bottom rear. The magazine should have the Mauser logo on the bottom. It has higher value as it is a Navy, 98 (plus) percent condition with holster and extra magazine is worth in the neighborhood of $950.00. They are now starting to increase in value. They were made only during WWII from Sr#'s 700,000 through approx 950,000. The French took over the factory and made an unknown number for Indo China (Vietnam). Condition is important as always. Check for the tip of right hand grip as they are broken easily.
    Disassemble by making sure it's empty (important) removing the magazine, putting the gun on safe (don't have one in front of me but the safety lever should be down), using your thumb nail to push down on the little projection inside the front of the trigger guard and pushing the slide forward. To reassemble-note the two notches (one on each side) at the front of the slide, set the frame so the notches drop onto them and pull the slide to the rear and it will lock in place.
    Note: do not dry fire an HSc as it will break the firing pin and these are tough to find.
    The serial number is electric penciled into the front of the bottom of the slide and the barrel is Sr#'d also
    Very advanced design and very accurate but the hammer will bite!!!!

  3. opr1945

    opr1945 New Member

    Oct 11, 2010
    Hole for lanyard is at bottom of back strap. both grips are complete. and in good shape.

    I do not know how to estimate condition. I might try to post pictures if I can figure out how to do so. there is some bluing gone. and one scratch across the serial number at the bottom of the front strap, but it is certainly ledigible and has been review and registered with the local police department and they had no problem with the serial no.

    I have no desire to sell the gun. One of my sons is quite fond of it. And has told me he expects to inherit it one day.

    But it is nice to know more about the gun. Thanks.
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