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    A doctor is visiting his patient in the hospital.
    "Well, Mr. Smith, I've got some bad news and I have some worse news," says the doctor, "What would you like to hear first?"
    "Bad news or worse news?" said the patient. "Give me the bad news first Dr. Jones."
    Dr. Jones tells his patient, "I'm sorry, but you only have 24 hours to live."
    "Oh my gosh, what could be worse?"
    "I got you lab report yesterday." :eek:

    A gentleman was sitting by himself in a restaurant, having just finished his dinner and having a drink. A gorgeous lady of the evening sits down at his table and proceeds to proposition him. The two come to terns and go to her apartment.
    After they have a really good time, the lady says to the man, "I bet I can tell what line of work you are in."
    The man says, "Go ahead, guess what my job is."
    "You're a doctor!" she replies.
    "That's mighty impressive," he says.
    "I bet I can even tell what your specialty is."
    "OK, what kind of doctor am I?"
    "You're an anesthesiologist!"
    "You are correct and how did you make that deduction?"
    "To be quite honest," she said, "I didn't feel a thing." :dontknow:
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